Well This Is Awkward

This semester has been insane.

Yes “literally” insane.

From six classes to my part time job to my contributing role at Spoon and tons of other things my time to just “free write” has drastically lowered.

Ironically this blog has gotten tons of action this week with another post for one of my classes (yay Comm students!).

It’s kind of awkward having two class blogs back to back, but I like it! Bring on the incomplete sent- And the contractions non-bloggers look down upon.

There are so many rules when it comes to writing – whether it be for a blog or an essay, a script analysis or newspaper article.

I’m so used to structure lately that blabbing away right now is the most therapeutic thing I have done all semester.

So. Here is “the sign” you are waiting for to tell you to log OFF and pick up a pen.

Do it for the vine yourself.

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The Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival

This past October I had the chance to go to the Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival.

Granted, I had to go for my Children’s Literature Class, but it was still a great experience. It was the weekend of hurricane Joaquin and it was raining with a passion. I had managed to score a freelance assignment for The Daily Voice with my friend Mayra for covering the event. As the saying goes, two birds one stone.

You can read the article here.

Photo by Mayra Maradiaga
Photo by Mayra Maradiaga

When we arrived at the fair I was shocked at how many people were in the Bell Middle School gymnasium. There were tons of children of all different ages running around, parents yelling for their kids and volunteers always in constant motion.

The first thing I did was pick up some literature on the event and talk with the Director. She gave some great quotes for the article. Afterwards, we headed into the gymnasium where all the authors were with their books on display.

Among the authors and illustrators were Bruce Degen from The Magic School Bus and Gail Carson Levine, author of Ella Enchanted. In class, we read and studied Levine’s novel.

Photo by Mayra Maradiaga
Photo by Mayra Maradiaga

I got the chance to meet Levine and talk with her for a few minutes. Before I even opened my mouth she knew that I was “one of the college students”. In our brief interlude, she told me that her latest work is currently being edited and she is also working toward her MBA.

Meeting her got me thinking about how the Ella Enchanted manuscript was continuously rejected. Levine kept sending it out though and wouldn’t quit. Keeping that in mind seeing so many young people get excited about books was refreshing to see. There were no Ipads in sight and every single kid had a book in their hand. In some ways seeing this made Children’s Literature seem more than relevant, not only for kids today, but for kids in the future.

Even though most of us are older the books we read as kids have had an effect on us. That’s why I would love for you to take the survey below! I’m interested to see which of these authors is the most popular among our age group.

The following video, which I have embedded for you all, does a great job of showcasing how and why Children’s literature is still important to children today. Some of my classmates have seen it but to any other readers out there this is something you have to see. Essentially, it’s the modern version of the classic children’s tale Good Night Moon. I hope it makes you laugh.


Write About What Scares You

What scares me:


Wow this list could go on and on. One thing that scare me is being alone forever. It sounds quite dramatic when typing it out but it couldn’t be more true. In comparison the idea of compromise makes me nauseous. I am a perfectionist who has thus become scared of anything less than what t.v. and the media has taught me. Ironically I still have hope that at some point in my life things will be “perfect” even if it’s just for a day. With absolutely no bumps or aching wants.

The problem with this blistering hope is I expect these things to happen to me without changing anything in my current day-to-day. At the rate I’m going I’ll be sad, single and underwhelmed forever. I also built myself a box to get out of by reducing my self-esteem with pesky thoughts of how inexperienced I am. I also judge people a lot. It’s unfair to do so because then I judge myself just as hard and thus have no self-esteem or confidence.

I thought writing this was supposed to be euphoric but hey things don’t always happen the way you imagine they will.

To end this post on a positive note here is a happy gif of how I will be spending my snowed-in weekend before heading back to school: Celebrate!

Modern Day Disney Princes

As a fan of BuzzFeed I came across this video today which highlights Disney Princes in the modern world.

Here is the low down:

1) Prince Charming


You can’t deny that stellar smile ….. or can you? Turns out the modern day Prince Charming(PC) is at best a jerk. Charming informs his princess in this video that the ball is being held to hook him up with a hottie. As our princess proceeded to run away she looses her shoe and PC, of course, documents this on instagram.

2) Prince Florian

prince florian

Oh Prince Florian, after attempting to wake his princess he tries to kiss her. She wakes before he makes contact with her questioning his sanity. He in turn questions the numerous males “blowing up” her phone. Of course every modern day princess has seven roommates.

The video goes on to discuss other Princes including Prince Adam and Prince Ali. Click below to see the full video.

Yes Please, More Please – Rant and Rave

Amy Poehler’s new book is out and about for all to read.

I have never thought of myself as a comedian. While I am able to crack a joke once in a while which produces a feeling demonstrated best by this gif:

I am a fan of writing and t.v. and so it seems as of late memoirs and essays. I devoured Poehler’s book in about a week. Poehler says that she wrote on planes and trains and at times when she should have been doing something else. (She really highlights the difficulty of writing a book) It was during these times that I read her book.

Yes Please is broken up into sections whose titles include: Say Whatever You Want and Do Whatever You Like. There are particular lines from this collection of mishomossed thought that I will not forget. The comparison of awards to “the pudding” has forever changed my opinion of pudding and I guess awards also.

Because of this book I went to a United Citizens Brigade show in the east village and saw amazing and also awful improv comedy show. The small theater was intimate yet comforting. There was a group of high school kids who were there taking up all the front rows with their naivete and svelte selves.

You could tell they missed some of the more adult/mature jokes (ha adult. ha mature. ha I’m pretending to be adult and mature. Actually I am really adult like and really mature I think my real spirit animal as of late is a 70 year old woman) *see previous posts on spirit animals* But I digress the show I went to was a improv battle- the audience got to cast their vote at the end and my team Free Kittens lost much to my surprise!

Poehler’s book has been compared to her pal Tina Fey’s book (which I also read). If I had to compare the two I would say that Poehler’s book was more of an essay structure in comparison to Fey’s more memoir-esque style.

I will leave you with one of my favorite titles from a section of Poehler’s book, “Calling people ‘sweetheart’ makes most people enraged”.

Take note of this people. Take note.

The Babadook – Review

I was invited to  go see the indie Horror film The Babadook on Friday. I took the offer and went to this tiny theater in Plesantville NY for a screening of the film.

While horror films aren’t necessarily my favorite genre I have found an new appreciation for them since taking a Studies In Horror Course this semester.

The Babadook  was definitely chilling. Without giving away too many spoilers the movie is about a young boy being afraid of things that go bump in the night. His fears become rational with his newest fear of The Babadook. There is a lot to this story, tons of overlays and emotional issues. Which is what I loved!



The squirmiest part of the film for me was a scene with a mass amount of cockroaches making their way into the kitchen.


This movie will make you think which is why I would classify it more as a Psychological Horror. If you’re looking for your typical slasher film this isn’t the movie you are looking for.

FYI: I am on a horror kick so expect a review of American Horror Story: Coven soon.

How to Survive Thanksgiving With Your Dignity In Tact

For those of us who are making our way back home for Thanksgiving I thought I would share some survival tips.

1. Plan what you are going to eat beforehand. You know your mom only makes stuffing once a year and for your birthday, so go for it! If someone is making chocolate chip cookies or something not particular to the holiday think about giving it a pass. Your body will thank you later when you don’t wake up with a regretful food baby.

2. Have set activities. To avoid the oh so lovely questions about your love life, major and other inquiries that our loved ones pile on (with or without good intentions) have something you like to do set up for that day. I for one am bringing my Cards Against Humanity and am making a killer Sangria to get me through the evening.

3. Remember to give thanks. Yes it says it in it’s name but even though the holidays can be touchy and sometimes downright stressful there is a reason you are there. There is a reason you decided to come home for thanksgiving etc. Remember those reasons and you will be sure to enjoy turkey and the like.