Distracted Driving

As a high school senior, I am very eager to earn my driver’s license. To go where I want, to be limited by nothing other than maybe steep gas prices and a curfew enthralls.

As teens in the age of technology we are easily distracted by new gizmos and gadgets. Our eyes and ears have been trained to respond and work with technology; however we have not worked with so great and powerful a device as a car.

It is especially important to be focused while on the road in a fast paced and crowded city like New York. One of the biggest problems today is distracted driving. Within three seconds of a car crash, statistics show that eighty percent of all drivers were not paying attention.

Distractions are not limited to searching the radio for your favorite song, but also include eating and drinking, talking on the phone, and of course the most popular, and now lethal, way of communicating – texting. 49 percent of teens say texting is our biggest distraction.

In an effort to reduce teen crashes and raise awareness of this issue All State launched a Teen Safe Driving Program in 2005.  Now both parents and teens are now encouraged to in sign a Safe Driving Agreement.  This contract identifies tips for smart driving and the consequences when those are not met.  If you want to get involved and be a part of the teen-led movement Keep the Drive, go online to http://www.allstatefoundation.org/keep-the-drive for more information.


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