the Doctor

Ever since reading Pride and Prejudice in the tenth grade a little part of me has always wanted to be British.  Since that moment I have developed an even greater appreciation for tea and British words such as rubbish and bloody (not referring to actual blood).  My latest discovery within British society is the poplar BBC America show, Doctor Who.

I was being drowned on my Tumblr dashboard by re-blogs of posts with this handsome young man in a bow tie, who was talking about things I didn’t understand. This strong fandom (Fandom: the community surrounding a popular culture item including movies, tv shows, bands etc.) lured me in, I was curious, who was the man in the bow tie? If I only knew the irony in that question….

So I picked up the remote and tuned into my very first episode of Doctor Who mid season. The series has quite a bit of history and a ton of different characters etc. The show first began in 1963 and ran until 1989. It was then rebooted in 2005 and given a fresh face, David Tennant. The show is about The Doctor who is a timelord (a type of alien) who travels time and space to battle evil. Because of the fact that he is an alien, when he “dies”, or regenerates, he never actually dies but simply changes into a new face. Some fans believe regeneration is more complex, that regeneration creates a whole new personality (and person) from the previous Doctor, not necessarily killing him. Is your head spinning yet?

Speaking of spinning, this leads me into the most spectacular device ever created on SyFy TV. The T.A.R.D.I.S, which stands for Time and relative dimensions in space, which is a fancy name for a time travel machine. The machine is inside of a cobalt blue police box. This is how the Doctor travels all over the universe. Because the show needs more than a Doctor there is the ever-changing role of “companion”. This role is just as sought after as the Doctor’s in British TV. The companion is, well, the doctor’s companion. This character accompanies the Doctor on his quests. Unfortunately every human relationship the Doctor has ends in heartache and … to put it simply all his companions either leave him or die.

There is one thing I need to clear up for you before you dedicate yourself to watching this series, which you obviously will out of pure confusion. One of the first questions out of every new companion’s mouth is “Doctor Who?” We do not know if the Doctor’s name is Doctor or Who or just Doctor Who, however, when referring to him please call him “the Doctor” (you don’t want to upset any fans with your newbie confusion).

Anyone who is interested in watching this series please do so! It is worth the time to Netflix past seasons (which you will have to do) in order to understand what is going on. I would recommend starting with Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor or, if you have extra time before the season starts, go with David Tennant, the 10th Doctor. If you like SyFy, British accents, bow ties, comedy and history (sort of) then please don’t hesitate to embrace your inner Whovian, all odd balls are welcomed.


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