Every girl indulges once in a while. Some ladies like to indulge in shoes, others in hand bags, others in expensive spa days. I indulge in Sabon.

Sabon is a boutique that sells bath soaps, body scrubs, perfumes, lotions and so much more. They are located all over the world in New York, Chicago, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Rome etc.

What makes Sabon so special? Their exclusive collection of effective and unique products gives results without spending a day (or a fortune) at a spa.

My favorite product is the Apple Lavender Body scrub. This grainy texture with the mixed apple and lavender scent is intoxicating and does wonders for dry skin. When I first tried the product in the store my hands felt as smooth as a … no need for cliches,  it was simply amazing.  I also like their olive oil lemon mint soap. I would never have guessed that these scents would go together, but they do. In addition to the beauty products the Sabon store has such a relaxing feel about it that I would visit just for the chance to  take in all the good energy, and get a free sample.

Because Sabon is of such good quality the products are a bit more expensive than your average cleanser.  Overall I would recommend visiting Sabon for birthday gifts, Valentines day gifts or for a little something for yourself.

So ladies, anyone who wants to freshen up their scent and try something new head over to Sabon!

Check it out here!


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