A Trip, A Fall and Hot Chocolate

I have had a few experiences with hiking, most of them went amiss.

The first time I was about twelve years old, it was the summer time and I forgot to bring my bug spray.

To say that was a “rough” climb would be a bit of an understatement. With all the gnats and flies, – don’t even get me started on mosquito’s; I didn’t have the chance to enjoy the hike.

Not to mention my overly dramatic mother, who has a bad knee and thus has trouble climbing, was a nervous wreck hooting and hollering etc.

This occasion was no exception. The main difference was that we went hiking in the snow. Yes freeze-your-toes-off white-as-my-grandmas-hair, snow.
The trail we were on was not too difficult for me (yep, I’m bragging) but the snow was an obstacle for my mother.

She had solid footing for maybe a good minute of the hike; it was all downhill from there – literally! We had to go back because she was in such a state of panic. The only pain I was in was when I took my shoes off to find that my feet were basically soaking.

Although the hike ended short I still enjoyed the time spent with my mom and sister. I probably won’t have too many opportunities to poke fun at my mother next year, due to the fact that I will be preoccupied with important collegiate work, so this was definitely worth the frozen toes.
The scenery alone was enough to make me go back for a second go of it.

The little town is called Cold Springs, and boy was it cold. If any you have seen the early 2000′s hit show Gilmore Girls the town called Stars Hollow is what Cold Springs reminded me of. If you have not been delighted by the whit of Rori Gilmore this town is also similar to present day Woodstock.

There are plenty of antique shops and restaurants to occupy your time. I unfortu

nately, did not have the chance to spend any money; however I was fulfilled simply by window shopping. I would recommend visiting here for any couple looking for a long peaceful weekend. There is hiking and skiing in the winter and many other outdoor attractions.

After our hike we went back to my mother’s friend Donna’s apartment. Luckily she

had a steaming cup of hot chocolate ready to awake my body from the cold.

Experiences like this make me realize that I should be more adventurous. I would

have never known that I actually like hiking if I had not gone this second time.

There are a few colleges near that area of which, I have been informed have hiking cl

ubs. You never this could be my “new thing”.

Check out my pictures posted below!


View of the Hudson
View of the Hudson
The "castle" at the top of the trail
The “castle” at the top of the trail



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