A Slumber Party on Steroids

Every year my high school plans a huge event called the “Lock In”. I’m sure many other high schools have something similar to this type of event. 

Basically a bunch of the students and teachers sleepover the high school.  This involves about as much sleep as any other sleepover and also includes the basic chick flicks and grotesque amounts of food. 

The evening began with a raging deejay- bringing back classic teen girl faves such as NSYNC and Hillary Duff songs. You could feel the estrogen levels “raising the roof”. 

To give you and idea of what we ate I have complied this list from my friend’s memory as well as my own, just in case you weren’t sure what  bunch of overtired teen girls eat at a sleepover. 

We had pizza, sandwiches, chips, pretzels, soda, cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, candy, ice cream and so much more!  I was in awe.

Though that sound’s like a lot of food, we needed the energy for the doge ball games which the seniors dominated! There were other fun activities such as a talent show, WII games, basketball etc.

As per tradition, the Seniors thoughtfully awoke the sleeping underclassmen with screams, blow horns and music. All the students were delighted to find fresh bagels and juice waiting for them when they woke up …  for the many who didn’t sleep it was the equivalent of a 5 hour energy drink.

All in all my first, and unfortunately my last, Lock In was a unique experience. It was definitely worth the 20 bucks, ginormous headache and 16 hour’s of sleep taken from an otherwise bland Saturday.

This being my first Lock in I will give you a play by play of the evenings events. 


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