Easter Prep

Easter – not my favorite holiday but a festive occasion nonetheless requiring some intense preparation. In case you needed some inspiration I am sharing the food I usually eat  on Easter and the new menu I’m toying with this year.

For my family and I this Easter we are deviating from the norm. Normally we have antipasto, spinach fritata, lasagna, some sort of fish, lamb, and for desert mixed pastries. My favorites are cannolis, struffoli, and pignoli cookies.

This year we aren’t meeting up with too many people so we are breaking down the menu. This year we are having stuffed mushrooms, baked spaghetti squash, lamb, and for desert I am making chocolate souffles. (I’ll be sure to post a picture of my master piece’s)

Even though the menu is new I still had to go shopping with my dad’s side of the family for their goodies for Sunday. We went to the real little Italy, Arthur Avenue and bought well over a reasonable price for the food haul. In the picture below we bought sausage, prosciutto, sopresata, grapes, Torrone, fresh bread, olives, lamb, and Nutella. Just listing it makes me hungry …..


Hopefully these lists have sparked some new menu Ideas for your Easter meal, enjoy your Sunday!

P.S. — For anyone who read my Doctor Who article the new episodes start tonight at 8 !!



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