Hit ReCord

hitRECord is an “open collaborative production company” where you can upload artwork, music, photos, videos and all kinds of “records” that you can remix and recreate into short films, short stories and music videos.

Inspirational companies like this make me wish I was more creative.  The creator is none other than the ever talented Joseph Gordon- Levitt, who goes by his relate-able pseudonym of “Average Joe”.

Joe’s first directorial debut will be Don Jon’s Addiction which was praised at the Sundance Film festival this past January.  The release date will be announced soon, I am patiently waiting … patiently.. I am also patiently waiting for Gordon-Levitt to take his work with hitRECord to the big screen.

I am also pleased to share that HitRECord will have their own TV show on the up and comming new channel Pivot! The news was announced while Gordon- Levitt was on tour but no details have been give out until now.

Besides his new film and new TV show, Gordon-Levitt has recently helped produce the popular Tiny Book of Stories Series as well as a short film Flickering Lights which you can access by the link shown below: 

I was taken aback by the poetics combined with the unique combination of videos and art. Which is why I wanted to share it with you, the world …

My favorite thing about all of these projects is the fact that they were made through a network of different artists and innovators. It is sad to think that so much art and design is not being utilized, this site solves that problem. Some artists simply don’t have the opportunity to have their art shown and shared.

Gordon- Levitt has taken the idea of collaborating and networking to a whole other level. I want to shout, in an overly-dramatically fashion, from my roof top for everyone to sign up for this site. Even if you don’t have a particular niche you can still help to brainstorm different ideas and give constructive feedback.

One of my biggest goals in life is to be able to contribute something special and meaningful, Average Joe has given us the opportunity to do so and I will be taking him up on it asap.


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