The Hostess with the mostest?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. During this laid back break I decided to read The Host. For all those who despise this author let me explain.

I was just sitting on my bed listening to my Ipod when I felt the urge – no the necessity to read something.

As I looked across my library (aka. the least organized part of my closet) I realized that every book I had I had already read … except for this one.

I’m sure that if you have a Tumblr you have seen the strength of this new fandom, to put it simply my curiosity got the best of me. I read the book quickly – took me a day and a half essentially to read it.

I had prepared myself to read the most cliched book in modern young adult literature. And it was all there: the 2 boys the lead character has to “choose” from, the post apocalyptic world usually involving some type of science and or alien talk, and the frustratingly annoying lead female.

I expected nothing less, of course, going into it but what I didn’t expect was how much fun it was to read. In no way am I indicating that this novel, nor it’s author Stephanie Meyers deserves some sort of aclemade other than what I am about to write on this page.

The thing I liked best about this book was that it was simple. The plot and story line were both intriguing. The writing itself wasn’t artful nor were the characters extremely deep.

They were deep enough for me to enjoy reading but not deep enough to loose myself in them.

There was a scene in a movie I saw recently, Liberal Arts, with Josh Radnor and Elizabeth Olsen that touches on what I am trying to say. When Radnor bluntly tells Olsen that the “vampire book” she is reading is pure bologna she responds with “How can you hate something if you’ve never read it? I mean, isn’t that like what repressive regimes do? You want to burn books you don’t like?”.

In short I took her advice and in regards to The Host I feel the same way she feels about that “vampire book”, Olsen said “I liked it. It was fun and stupid. And it passed the time. And it’s not Tolstoy, but it’s also not television. And it made me happy”. That’s how I felt about The Host it was silly, easy and simple. It was entertainment in it’s purest form.

Not everything we say and do has to have some deep meaning or be extremely thought provoking, it can be basic and juvenile and still be enjoyable.

So for those passing the time who need a break from over-thinking I would recommend The Host.


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