Blogger Profile — Cassey Ho

One of my favorite things to do, besides blog, is devote time to fitness and health. That’s exactly what blogger and Pilates instructor Cassey Ho does on her site

On her blog you can find everything from filmed Pilates videos (also on youtube) to health recipes that you can make in a microwave! Cassey’s workouts are split up into arms, back and shoulders, butt, legs, abs, cardio and stretching.

Within each of these sections are an array of videos with different themes and time lengths. It may seem a bit overwhelming at first with all the options but Cassey even sets up a calendar of set videos for you to follow each day.

Every video she has is always upbeat and uplifting. I have never seen a video where she was not truly enjoying teaching, I’m not talking about a fake smile plastered on, but true joy. Below is one of her newest videos which I’m sure is going to added to my favorites list 

That’s one of the tings that motivates me to workout …. if I can ever smile through one of her workouts completely, as she does, while keeping proper form I will have reached a huge fitness goal of mine.

Cassey even ads in fun stuff, for example yesterday she told everyone to Instagram her a picture of their YOLO meal. (YOLO meal, instead of a cheat meal/day).

Speaking of meals, Cassey even has meal programs available, for FREE! (In case you had to double check what I typed there are multiple plans available!!) My favorite recipe is her Protein Powder Banana pancakes, they taste amazing with a little PB instead of syrup.

Cassey has her own line of workout clothes which you can find at Some of her shirts read inspirational quotes such as “Dream it. Do it.” and “Sore today, Strong Tomorrow” as well as the popular aways popular “Train like a beast, look like a Beauty”.

If’ you’ve been looking for the perfect motivation you can find it with Cassey Ho.

I am pleased to say that I will (hopefully) be meeting Cassey this Saturday while she is visiting New York for The Shorty Awards. She is hosting a free workout event in the city! Be sure to check out her site for more details.


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