Eating Clans

Has anyone else noticed that more and more sects of eating clans have begun to spring up? By clans, I’m talking about the vegans, vegetarians, raw, gluten free and paleo dieters.

It’s hard to diversify which is which and who eats what.  This has affected how people, including myself, look at food.  Food is more then nourishment for your body, it’s nourishment for the soul. It’s funny, your lunch box now says more about you than you could ever imagine.

Over the summer I worked at a day camp, every day at snack time I would be nosy and take note of who was eating what. The diets were so varied you would have thought I were in 20 different supermarkets at once.  I couldn’t help but notice the  labels on all of their food, gluten free, dairy free, fat free, high in calcium and so on.

It’s a bit confusing that some parent’s are extremely health conscious and others don’t know their spaghetti o’s from their cheerio’s.

In my high school there has been a huge change in the cafeteria food. Long gone are the days when our styrofoam trays were piled high with greasy fries and golden nuggets. In their place is fresh fruits and veggies, there’s even a salad bar.

When you give a pig a pancake he’ll want some syrup to go with it (or so the story goes according to the children’s classic by Felicia Bond). These days when you give a kid an apple he doesn’t know what to do with it.

This article was brought about by the piles of oranges and apples being taken and thrown away at lunch. Giving kid’s the option to eat healthy is the first step, but showing them why and how is another.

Can you blame the child for not eating the apple if his mom only buys pop tarts for snacks? I know that before I got into health and fitness I had no idea how much sugar and fat I was eating, I looked at all vegetables as if they all had monster faces.

It’s hard for many parents’s to tease out what good nutritional information can be taken from the latest health craze. My advice is to start with your doctor, no I’m not talking about the show The Doctors nor am I talking about Doctor Oz (although his recipes are divine), I am talking about YOUR doctor, basically the only qualified person to comment on you health.

From there it’s all up to you, just take one step at a time and please no matter what don’t jump into any fads.

Be sure to check out my previous post – Cassey Ho has awesome recipes and tips for living a healthy lifestyle.


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