My Ultimate Bucket List

I want to share the top ten things I have to do before I kick the bucket.

I have a much longer bucket list or more accurately a list of goals that are irrefutable but I figured I wouldn’t include generic and boring ideas such as getting married and buying a house (things that are on my list of things to do). I would much rather entertain you with more interesting concepts.

In no particular order my top ten things to do before I die:

1. Run the Disney Princess Half Marathon- this 13.1 mile course is a fun spin on the boring ole’ half marathon. Participants dress up as their favorite Disney characters and literally run through Magic Kingdom and Epcot!! I would also eventually like to run a full marathon, not necessarily Disney based. Here are some fun costumes runners have come up with 

2. Let Go of  Floating Lantern- a little cliche I know but I would love to do this at my wedding, every guest/table would get their own lantern to lite at midnight. Or if I end up as a cat lady me and my kitties will light it on my birthday 🙂

3. Become a Certified Fitness Instructor- it’s becoming clearer that I want fitness and health to be apart of my life permanently, what better way than to teach a class! I have been doing Pilates for quite some time now and I would love to share and show people what I have learned. It also seems like a great way to make some extra dough and schedule workout time that you have to commit to!

4. Learn to Sew and or Blow/Stain Glass – this is something I have always said I should do but that I always have a reason that I am unable to do so. At one point I said I would let my grandma teach me how to sew but since then she has gotten a little to old to properly be able to teach me. I was planning to take a few classes to learn how to blow and or stain glass but I was always either too young or the studios were to far way, not to mention expensive. Enough, I have to start setting deadlines for these things so that I don’t die with them still on the list. 

5. Be an extra in a Movie- I have always wanted to actually be on a set near actors during filming. It just seems like it would be an amazing experience to see all the behinds the scenes action – and without a tour guide at that! I’m not nearly talented or confident enough to act or even momentarily thing of perusing a career in acting but how awesome would it be to get a feel for that industry?  

6. Attend a Fashion Show- i’m not sure if every girl goes through this but when I was in middle school I was obsessed with becoming a designer. Lines from The Devil Wears Prada were active references in my young repertoire. Since then my stray from fashion is due to four years in a plaid skit as well as realizing that pretty clothes cost money. The thought of sitting down during fashion week, in a white room, across from Miranda Kerr, viewing all the glamorous gowns that I will hopefully someday have an event extravagant enough to wear them to is simply thrilling. 

7. Write a Novel .. or something more substantial than blog posts and tweets- I’m sure this is a popular one but this without a doubt must be done. I can’t ignore my 4th grade self (the time when I started writing).

My first story was about a girl with pink hair who got a puppy for Christmas. At the time I thought it was pure genius, I even went on to write other stories with the same character! Even before 4th grade I knew I wanted to write, inform and create. In the second grade I made my own newspaper A Cup of News, my mom even kept a copy in my memory box.

Whatever path I decide to take I know that writing has to be involved, contributing stories and influencing others to never doubt or quiet that voice that thinks up crazy stories or sees things differently – that’s the voice of creativity and inspiration.

8. Create a Scavenger Hunt for me and all my friends- we’ve been building a list for quite some time now … maybe that should be saved for another post 😉 

9. Buy a Plane ticket for a Random Flight – I never act on spontaneity but I think that I deserve at some point a completly random adventure in a fabulous location. Now this is what I call living in the moment … 

10. Attend the Summer Olympic games- ever since my first introduction to the Olympics in Beijing I have been moderately to severely obsessed. I spent my entire summer hovering over my laptop and TV tuning in to watch as many events as possible.

The next games will be the summer that I transition from a Junior to a Senior in college .. since I want to major in Communications or something in relation to the field I have already set up in my mind a hypothetical internship for me in Rio. Hopefully by 2016 someone in Rio will have gotten the memo that I want to be apart or and witness these historic games.

That’s all for now folks! Hopefully I have inspired you with some of my plans. Let me know in the comments what you think I should add to my list!


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