Freaks and Geeks Rant and Rave

It’s been a while since I have reviewed something so I thought I would share a show that I have selfishly kept to myself for the past year or so. Freaks and Geeks, created by Paul Feig and Judd Apatow was a show centered around a brother and sister, Sam and Lindsey Weir, and their eccentric groups of friends – the Freaks (punk rockers who enjoy breaking the rules) and the Geeks (is an explanation needed?).

the cast

I don’t know how I can begin to write about how much I love this show. I was so disappointed to find that it has only had one glorious season. The show contains, what by today’s standard, is a pg-13 level of inappropriateness, topics to risqué for the young minds of the early 2000’s. This is the main reason there was no season two.

The stellar cast is reason enough to watch this one hit wonder. The Freaks include Linda Cardellini, James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, and Busy Philips. The Geeks are played by John Francis Daley, Samm Levine and Martin Starr.

I think that the number one thing I love about this show is how honest it is, or was about life in the early 80’s as well as the trials and tribulations of becoming a teen. Every single episode has Lindsay and Sam’s parents and is packed with melodramatic teen issues without all the fluff.

The Weir Family

For example in the last episode Lindsay decides to skip a summit held at the University of Michigan and instead follows a band on their tour with three other people in a souped up minivan.

As young adults we are at a point in life where we can make mistakes – we can fall to hard and choose hastily and demand things, Lindsay took this to heart and made a decision. She choose to skip the summit and seemed intent on following the band.

And yet another reason why I love/hate this show …. I don’t know what happens. I don’t know what she does when she comes back, IF she comes back! There are so many possibilities and opportunities untapped my brain can’t handle it.

It makes me look at the decisions I have to make within the next few weeks in regard to my future.

Even though the show has been off the air it still has quite a developed cult like fan base. The amount of fan-fic I read, and am guilty of writing, is enormous.

The best way to describe this series a ship. Shiping or O.T.P. which stands for one true pairing, refers to the imaginary couple that you are obsessed with. This show is the couple you ship who never even got the chance to meet.

Please watch this show, I’m begging you. It’ll break your heart – in a good way.

After you watch it let me know what you think in the comments below!!


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