Decisions Decisions

In the past twenty four hours I have made one of the biggest decisions of my life to date. I decided on a college.

If you are not aware of the date it is April 29th, that’s two day’s away from the deposit due date. Late Saturday night when the time came for me to decide I thought it would be simple, I expected a eureka moment. It never came.

I made all the lists possible, of the pros and cons, comparing prices and statistics. I read all the articles, some of which were helpful but they still didn’t give me my answer.

I’ve gone over my choices with my mom over and over. I guess I expected her to choose for me, then I remembered a promise I had her make me: she promised me she wouldn’t tell me her personal choice until I made my own decision. Yes she still discussed the pros and cons with me but she never told me her choice.

My two choices, a Large university in another state for the sake of this blog this will be UA, and my other choice a mid-sized school an hour or so away from home that we’ll call UB.  With both of them having good programs for my major and lots of study abroad options I wasn’t sure how to proceed.

This thrust into adulthood, my first real decision, was nauseating. I rarely make decisions alone, there is always something or someone else to sway me.

My decision wired down to finances – what exactly are you getting for your money? I am simply not prepared to take out 50,000 dollars in loans for a program that was not really my first choice. If UA is really what I want then the loans wouldn’t have made a difference.

With no sway and piles of words and strewn thoughts drowning me I decided to call a slew of my family members. My Dad, who knows little about college,but has enough for common sense for you and me both, gave me some good thoughts. My Aunt and Cousin who have gone though the college process recently also shared their insights.

My Aunt actually got to the heart of what was making me feel so torn. I was focusing a lot on the people, more accurately the “types” of people I would meet at either school.

She pointed out to me that no matter where I go to school, (this applies in life always) there will always be people around that you won’t like.  I can’t base my decision on people, because you never know who you’re gonna meat in college.

No matter where I go it will only be a one year commitment, I could always transfer if the people are unbearable, or I could fall in love with them and never want to leave.

Another good point my Aunt unveiled to me is that what I really want, is a fresh start. I’m looking to change and be a better me, I’m looking for adventure and excitement.

I have come to idolize UA due to it’s distance from home, as well as a more than slight change in accents. Attending UA would be a change, but the real change doesn’t start with the school, it starts with me. This quote applies perfectly- I just had to put it in here, Ghandi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.

My great perhaps will be wherever I end up.

College and school is what you make of it. With the right tools and opportunities you can do anything that you put your mind to.

To any other last minute deciders I wish you peace of mind and luck, hopefully this article has shed a little light for you.


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