Color me crazy but ….

Do the Color Run.  I don’t know why I didn’t include The Color Run in my previous post with my bucket list but it was there in spirit.

If you have seen the pictures of the ridiculously cute couples kissing while covered in colored powder- that’s The Color Run. Exhibit A:


Basically you run a 5K and volunteers throw packets of this colored powder all over you, the goal is to get as colorful and dirty as possible.

You don’t have to be a runner or in an adorable coupleship in order to participate, even families and kids with strollers are welcomed! The fun doesn’t stop at the end of the race, there’s a huge festival-type-concert equipped with extra color packets and tons of free stuff.



This is all for a good cause, to help fund whatever specific charity your community nominated.  For NYC Brooklyn, it was for Cancer research.

*Beware* If you are using public transportation people will stare, and they will ask to take pictures with you.

My friends and I went to Korea Town to get some delicious bubble tea afterwards. If you were planning on going to eat anywhere other than a fast food restaurant you are outta luck, especially because you will look  like this:

Me at the end of the run

Let me know in the comments or through messaging what it is you want to hear about!!


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