This is a strange feeling …. the feeling of typing … a .. blog post.


First off I have to say, I’m sorry. I went on hiatus for the Summer and am, ironically getting back into the blogging life while starting College.

I want to do a major revamp of my entire site so keep an eye out for new interesting articles, pictures and polls like the one posted above.

Just to give you a little preview of what is to come some of the new sections/categories on my blog will likely include:

Health: fitness, food/recipes, psychological and mental health

College Struggles: a never ending list – dining halls, drinking, parties, getting involved etc.

Media: more movies, TV shows, music and book reviews. I also want to write more about whatever it is that is going on in the moment – the big cheese of the day/week.

Ah … I see a new category already: the big cheese

I included a poll in this post to find out what it is you are all interested in reading … I could go on forever about things that you honestly could care less about – I want to give you what you want, I want you to enjoy reading my posts and the best way to do that is to write things you want to read!!

Please take the poll and feel free to leave any comments with recommendations or anything you want to see on my blog! Cant wait to hear from you !


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