A Little Golden Man Named Oscar

The Oscars – one of, if not the most important event in Hollywood. This little golden man is treasured in the minds of young and old aspiring actors and actresses alike. I saw a tweet yesterday that said someone said the little golden man reminded him or her of their uncle Oscar, thus the name.

I, of course, watched the pre-show red carpet “interviews” consisting of glamorous dresses, uncomfortable actresses and repetitive interview questions.

I must say I am a sucker for the glamour, but at the same time after about five minutes I just start flinging my ice cream spoon towards the TV in protest of the fact that I am not currently there.

My favorite dress of the night was definitely Lupita’s, coming in second is Amy Adams – she was just stunning the silhouette and classy navy blue, gorg! In third is Cate B., yes I have the right to call her Cate B. because we are bffs and I helped pick out her dress. Ok?

On to the real reason the Oscars are held – the winners.

I wasn’t too surprised by the outcome, I will say however that a small part of me was hoping this would finally be the day that Leo got the Oscar but no such luck. The Tumblr community is here to console you Leo, as always with open arms.

But I did see some clips of DBC and Matt did a stellar job.

As for the host, oh Ellen. The jokes were strung out and somewhat mediocre for her. The pizza especially, although there is no denying the magic in that selfie.

My favorite part of the night over all was seeing this on my screen –

*I do not own this image* Ben, oh Ben

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