I am so excited, it feels like it’s been forever since I went to see a Broadway show. I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it!


Hi All!

After seeing If/Then on Broadway a week ago I can’t stop thinking about it!

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Sliding Doors” with Gwyneth Paltrow this play has a similar theme. It a compare and contrast of the “if’s” the “but’s” and the “maybes” that plague the minds of most of us human beings.

If I had just said yes, if I had just said no, if I missed that date? While the show seemed to reinforce the power of possibility to me it shed a different light on life.

Without spoiling the show in the end you find out how some things are just meant to be. Fate slices into our lives one way or another Β and sometimes takes a second helping of pie. Whether, like the character played by the talented Idina Mendzel, Β you are called Beth or Liz your real self is Elizabeth. Whether you want to marry him or you don’t what will be will be.

Another fun fact, at the end of the show that I went to there was an auction to raise money for the community affected by AIDS. Auctioned off was an over sized card with the lyrics to Mendzel’s ever popular “Let it Go”. Some swank from a row very close to the front mind you was the lucky bidder who got a photo opt with the cast as well as was able to drop over $3,000 on the placard.

Here’s a pic of me and the buds before the show.

not available
at If/Then



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