12 Funniest Whose Line Is It Anyway? Skits Of All Time

I’m not one to reblog but this was too funny! I just couldn’t resist, hope this brings a smile to your face!

Thought Catalog

Growing up, I would tune into ABC, plop down in front of the coffee table, eat some Chinese food and laugh my head off with the family. I hope that these clips leave you laughing and nostalgic for the times you spent laughing with the family.

1. This Telephone Isn’t Working

These old ladies are just absolutely incredible. The scene: Batman & Robin get a phone call about their arch-nemesis. Hilarity ensues.

2. Bald Hoedown

A punishment? For my goddamn sides, maybe, I can’t stop laughing. Everyone picks on Colin for going bald, and it’s just so funny.

3. The Award For Best Actor Goes To…


4. Well, That Escalated Quickly

She really stuck it out.

5. Oh God, This Is Embarrassing

This little beat is going to be in my head all day long.

6. What Kind Of Meal Would You Be?

I tried to…

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