American Horror Story – Season 1 Review

Ok. So I was thinking about watching this show for a while, and since the Summer is here I finally have time for it! (Blessing or curse?)

No spoilers – except for the last line I guess. 


So the first episode was sufficiently creepy – old house, the new family etc. I mean take a look at the picture, a latex man? The show left more questions than answers in each episode which is what left me so needy for more.

The way the writers broke up the story was very smart – in my observation I feel like they broke it up according to character. Every character had an episode that they were basically the star of. Some characters weren’t introduced until later on in the season keeping me on my toes. 

I must say the one criticism I have is the ending. It left little to be desired, literally! They didn’t close up all lose ends but the last episode wasn’t a season finale, it was more like a “thank you for watching here’s a ‘happy-ish’ ending and a big happy dead family”. 


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