I recently finished the Sherlock series from BBC. Just like with Doctor Who I found out about this show via the multitude of Tumblr posts featuring a pale skinned obviously British chap with fabulous hair and coincidentally no bow tie.

I had heard before starting this show that the episodes were far and few between with a new three episodes airing every two years – curses to producer and creator Steven Moffat. Moffat is also one of the main writers for Doctor Who. Fans have a love hate relationship with Moffat but with power comes haters.

The show started off a little slow for my taste but gives plenty of space for Sherlock and Dr. Watson to develop their parts as the dynamic duo of London. The writing on this show is phenomenal – witty and well timed lines and scenes keep you on the edge of your couch ready to binge watch the whole show in one night (which is what I did). Actually I wouldn’t recommend doing that – it’s probably unhealthy in more ways then one, just keep in mind that the next three episodes won’t be out until 2016! Insanity! Moffat!!

The whit and charm of Sherlock Holmes is well portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch who has a cult like following of fellow nerd girls like myself. He is loved not only as Sherlock but also as Ben himself – who can resist someone who fotobombs U2?



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