I Finished Breaking Bad

It happened. Late last week on Friday night (cough* looser cough*).

I know everyone has already heard how great this show is. Which is why I won’t bore you with it’s awesomeness, but rather, the crappy points of the show. (Hate mail ensues).

Spoilers – Spoilers – Spoilers – Spoilers


1. The Ending of Hank and Jesse:

WHAT WAS THAT? Obviously Walt was gonna die, but how could the writers just leave it like that between Jesse and Walt? There was nothing said nothing to ease my wounded soul or their relationship.

2. The death of Andrea:

This was so uncalled for. I was so upset. I just wanted someone to stay alive for Jesse. (Brock dosen’t count btw)

3. The death of Hank:

WHY. JUST. WHY. It’s like all of a sudden in the last season the show turned into House of Cards ie. don’t get too attached.

Things I Loved About the Show:

1. How Lydia died:

So freaking smart. I just loved it. Kudos to the writers because that was my favorite part of ending.

2. Skylar’s attitude:

All the applause. I just love what Anna Gunn done with her character. I went from not caring about her, to thinking she was an nagging bitch, to thinking she was your typical house wife, to thinking she was an awesome bonnie to “clyde”, to thinking that she was an over reacting mother, to thinking that she is simply a bad ass bitch. And that she is.

3. The Love Triangle:

Seeing those snobs faces when WaltΒ forces them to give money to his kids. So smart, so clever, so perfect.

What’s next on my Netflix list? I have no idea what to do with myself after watching this show so I might need some time to digest.

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