Stupid Sh*t People Believe About Millennials

Depending on who you talk to I am considered a “Millennial”. This loosely defined term is used to categorize people born between 1985 and 1995.

One thing I continuously hear is that we were raised by parents that doted on us. Parents that made us all feel special and, in some peoples opinions, superior. This concept that we are all winners is something many people believe about millennials. This is of course viewed as negative in our society.

So what if my mom taught me that I’m hot shit and rewarded me even when I only participated?  I remember my mom had a “smiley system”. If I did my chores, helped my sister or did something nice I would get a “smiley” sticker on a board. When enough smileys added up I would be treated to ice cream or my choice of new releases (cough. Disney. cough).

Whys is this viewed as a bad thing? I can assure you that not everyone who received “smileys” has a big head.

Yes we are different – maybe the generation y is just intimidated by us. We are pushing out the baby boomers and starting to take the world by storm with equal parts fear and excitement. Our tech savy and multitasking skills give us the upper hand.

Its silly to assume that all millennials are the same. We don’t all need help with our “smartphone addictions” or “sexting problems”. While some people do need help it is so belittling to be typecast.

My generation has a lot of challenges ahead. Instead of cracking jokes about our naivete habits be helpful and give us the one thing age has given some of you  besides wrinkles- wisdom.  Like the quote below: buzzfeedImage source 





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