Rant and Rave: Reign

So I recently finished the CW 11 show Reign.

Check one – periodical.

I have a soft spot for period pieces. I absolutely love the attire! Ball gowns and tiaras. Ladies, You can’t tell me you aren’t DYING to wear an outfit like this one? Actually here are some of my favorites. I have to try and control myself. Also, knowing the real story about Mary Queen of Scots makes for the historical plot line to be somewhat comical – inaccurate- but comical no less.


Check two- love triangle.

While this is a somewhat overplayed story line I do love a good intrigue. Two brothers? Overplayed. Two brothers – one is a bastard the other prince of France? Tempting. Two brothers – one is a bastard the other prince of France and both love the same woman who loves them both equally? Sounds like a lie … tune in to find out.


Check three – scandal.

Its French Court for the lords sake! The treachery, lying backstabbing, drama, and murder. Just like any good high school movie. (*note not all hs movies include murder*)


This show is not one for the record books. It doesn’t deserve some special award. It is simply good old fashioned fan-girl-worthy entertainment.


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