Never Have I Ever Loved Someone So Much

I hope you appreciate my play on words with the title of this post. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned her before – Katie Heaney. She wrote the book Never Have I Ever which is one of my favorite non-fiction pieces of all time. Katie recently announced that a new book about girls in college will be coming out in 2016!


I read that exciting news on her blog Shut Up. Tell Me. This is a girl after my own heart. I particularly loved her response to a recent question that an anon left for her to answer: “Anonymous said: I like a boy in my lecture, we’ve made eye-contact several times & spoke once about food briefly, but I don’t know how to approach him. If I even *want* to do anything about it. I think he’s cute and I like having a crush yet I’m not sure if I want anything more than that. This is very random, but I’d appreciate any advice. I’m 20 and have never even kissed a boy so I feel pressure at times to pursue *something*” 

Katie’s response included tales of her unfortunate smooching experiences. The best advice Katie gave was, “There is one good reason to kiss a boy, and that is wanting to.”

She also acknowledges that it is ok to have a totally illegitimate crush on someone. It’s ok to like someone without having expectations. Its ok to not have plans and to do what makes you happiest. Even if that is having a silly 8th grade crush on a cutie in your stats class.


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