I May Not Be Blonde But I Sure Am Clueless

I spent the little time I had free today to squeeze in a 90’s favorite. Clueless , pays homage to over the knee socks and paid skirts. It is also simply a good movie.

Memorable performances include the dapper and oh so young Paul Rudd and of course the gorgeous and clueless Alicia Silverstone.


After watching the film I wanted to write a post on some of the tips Cher gives throughout the film and lessons she learns.

-Always have something baking

What this really means: Atmosphere is key. Setting the mood for any occasion can definitely make or break it. Also be sure to break up the cookie dough before baking it.

– You divorce wives not children

What this really means: There are people who stay and people who go. People get divorced all the time – but blood is blood. While Cher and Josh aren’t blood related – which is good for obvious reasons – I still appreciate the fact that Cher’s dad still cared for Josh as his own.

-High school boys are like dogs


What this really means: Not much more to say on this one. Actually most guys are dogs in general, high school boys are more like puppies. Potentially cute from a distance but when you get the slobbering and shedding everywhere you get to see their lack in house training.

-Being picky about sex

What this really means: I am referring to the scene where Di, Tye, and Cher are at the diner and Tye learns of Cher’s virginity. Cher mentions that she is extremely picky about her shoes, why would this be any different? And good for her. Be picky. You wait for those Louibitons if you want girl, yo go glenn coco.

-Exercise every day, not just sporadically


What this really means: Health is important, we have moved on from buns of steel but there are plenty of ways to keep active and healthy.

-Send yourself gifts to make yourself look desired

What this really means: People want what other people want. While the dramatics in this movie are comical – sending yourself flowers and chocolates this tip didn’t really work out for Cher. She did land a super cute shopping buddy though. More importantly and indirectly this tip speaks to me as more of a love yourself. Buy yourself flowers or chocolates – don’t pretend they were from some guy, they are for you for being awesome.

Continue being clueless y’all!

(As if!)


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