Sharp Objects, and Sharp Words

Gillian Flynn’s first novel, Sharp Objects, is lesser known than her other work Gone Girl recently turned blockbuster film by the faces of Rosumund Pike and Ben Affleck.

While Gone Girl was gripping I found Sharp Objects to be off to a slower start. To be honest I have a bad habit of buying a book and being super excited about it. Then I go home and set myself up to devour it. Sometimes if happens, other times it doesn’t.

In this case I wasn’t immediately sucked in. So I put the book down and went about my life reading other short stories or re-reading. Then the itch for something new to read began.

And so I gave it another shot. I’m sure glad I did.

Flynn is extremely good at writing about people with issues. While we all have our issues she manages to make the characters in this novel seem more relate-able than maybe I hoped they would be.

The main character Camille returns home to write a story about a murder investigation for her Chicago paper. She has a rocky relationship with her parents and her sister(s) – one alive the other deceased.

Camille has her own issues, aside from those with her family, an obsession with using sharp objects on her body being one of them. As a journalist she is obsessed with words but doesn’t always use a type writer …….


This sort of generic idea of “girl leaves small town to escape family” turned into a dirty and itchy tale that gave me shivers.

I found out recently that this book is also going to be made into a movie as is her other novel, Dark Places, which I have yet to read. It’s on my list though, I can assure you.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes murder-mysteries and who liked Gone Girl. It’s a pretty quick read in my opinion, the plot moves fast and there are only about 250 pages.

This was sort of different from my past reading habits, spoiler alert, there is no happy ending. Which makes this story all the more intriguing – I guess being used to happy endings left room for shock in me.

Maybe I am a little to into these crime mystery novels lately but I’m gonna ride this wave till the next one comes.


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