Another Gillian Flynn Rave

Ironically during one of the busiest times of the semester I manage to finish not only one Gillian Fylnn novel but TWO. It really is a miracle.

So Flynn’s second novel Dark Places was in fact quite dark. The protagonist, if we can even call her that, is a bland woman trying to live a bland life after the tragedy that ripped her family apart.

I’ve been on a roll with all these crime dramas and murder mysteries. This novel wasn’t my favorite of Flynn’s but was still a good read.

Every time I thought I knew who the killer was or came up with some explanation etc I was wrong. And I am never wrong. (Ha).



Anyway the main character was kind of annoying. To put it simply she was depressed. This character was unhappy and not in the same way Camille from Sharp Objects was. This character did nothing. She didn’t have a job, a hobby, a boyfriend, a love interest in the novel, …. she almost didn’t even have a personality.

I can’t decide if liked this character or not. In some ways I liked that she wasn’t likable. I guess I found that relate-able, she is one character that I am in no way jealous of. She lives a mundane life. The only action she sees is brought on by tragedy and I would much rather watch paint dry than go through what that character went through.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Flynn’s other works and likes mysteries. If you don’t normally read that type of novel give it a try, this  dark and curious story is a great anecdote to any book-rut you may be in.  Image source


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