How to Survive Thanksgiving With Your Dignity In Tact

For those of us who are making our way back home for Thanksgiving I thought I would share some survival tips.

1. Plan what you are going to eat beforehand. You know your mom only makes stuffing once a year and for your birthday, so go for it! If someone is making chocolate chip cookies or something not particular to the holiday think about giving it a pass. Your body will thank you later when you don’t wake up with a regretful food baby.

2. Have set activities. To avoid the oh so lovely questions about your love life, major and other inquiries that our loved ones pile on (with or without good intentions) have something you like to do set up for that day. I for one am bringing my Cards Against Humanity and am making a killer Sangria to get me through the evening.

3. Remember to give thanks. Yes it says it in it’s name but even though the holidays can be touchy and sometimes downright stressful there is a reason you are there. There is a reason you decided to come home for thanksgiving etc. Remember those reasons and you will be sure to enjoy turkey and the like.


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