The Babadook – Review

I was invited to  go see the indie Horror film The Babadook on Friday. I took the offer and went to this tiny theater in Plesantville NY for a screening of the film.

While horror films aren’t necessarily my favorite genre I have found an new appreciation for them since taking a Studies In Horror Course this semester.

The Babadook  was definitely chilling. Without giving away too many spoilers the movie is about a young boy being afraid of things that go bump in the night. His fears become rational with his newest fear of The Babadook. There is a lot to this story, tons of overlays and emotional issues. Which is what I loved!



The squirmiest part of the film for me was a scene with a mass amount of cockroaches making their way into the kitchen.


This movie will make you think which is why I would classify it more as a Psychological Horror. If you’re looking for your typical slasher film this isn’t the movie you are looking for.

FYI: I am on a horror kick so expect a review of American Horror Story: Coven soon.


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