Yes Please, More Please – Rant and Rave

Amy Poehler’s new book is out and about for all to read.

I have never thought of myself as a comedian. While I am able to crack a joke once in a while which produces a feeling demonstrated best by this gif:

I am a fan of writing and t.v. and so it seems as of late memoirs and essays. I devoured Poehler’s book in about a week. Poehler says that she wrote on planes and trains and at times when she should have been doing something else. (She really highlights the difficulty of writing a book) It was during these times that I read her book.

Yes Please is broken up into sections whose titles include: Say Whatever You Want and Do Whatever You Like. There are particular lines from this collection of mishomossed thought that I will not forget. The comparison of awards to “the pudding” has forever changed my opinion of pudding and I guess awards also.

Because of this book I went to a United Citizens Brigade show in the east village and saw amazing and also awful improv comedy show. The small theater was intimate yet comforting. There was a group of high school kids who were there taking up all the front rows with their naivete and svelte selves.

You could tell they missed some of the more adult/mature jokes (ha adult. ha mature. ha I’m pretending to be adult and mature. Actually I am really adult like and really mature I think my real spirit animal as of late is a 70 year old woman) *see previous posts on spirit animals* But I digress the show I went to was a improv battle- the audience got to cast their vote at the end and my team Free Kittens lost much to my surprise!

Poehler’s book has been compared to her pal Tina Fey’s book (which I also read). If I had to compare the two I would say that Poehler’s book was more of an essay structure in comparison to Fey’s more memoir-esque style.

I will leave you with one of my favorite titles from a section of Poehler’s book, “Calling people ‘sweetheart’ makes most people enraged”.

Take note of this people. Take note.


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