Modern Day Disney Princes

As a fan of BuzzFeed I came across this video today which highlights Disney Princes in the modern world.

Here is the low down:

1) Prince Charming


You can’t deny that stellar smile ….. or can you? Turns out the modern day Prince Charming(PC) is at best a jerk. Charming informs his princess in this video that the ball is being held to hook him up with a hottie. As our princess proceeded to run away she looses her shoe and PC, of course, documents this on instagram.

2) Prince Florian

prince florian

Oh Prince Florian, after attempting to wake his princess he tries to kiss her. She wakes before he makes contact with her questioning his sanity. He in turn questions the numerous males “blowing up” her phone. Of course every modern day princess has seven roommates.

The video goes on to discuss other Princes including Prince Adam and Prince Ali. Click below to see the full video.


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