Well This Is Awkward

This semester has been insane.

Yes “literally” insane.

From six classes to my part time job to my contributing role at Spoon and tons of other things my time to just “free write” has drastically lowered.

Ironically this blog has gotten tons of action this week with another post for one of my classes (yay Comm students!).

It’s kind of awkward having two class blogs back to back, but I like it! Bring on the incomplete sent- And the contractions non-bloggers look down upon.

There are so many rules when it comes to writing – whether it be for a blog or an essay, a script analysis or newspaper article.

I’m so used to structure lately that blabbing away right now is the most therapeutic thing I have done all semester.

So. Here is “the sign” you are waiting for to tell you to log OFF and pick up a pen.

Do it for the vine yourself.

Photo courtesy of giphy.com



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