Another Gillian Flynn Rave

Ironically during one of the busiest times of the semester I manage to finish not only one Gillian Fylnn novel but TWO. It really is a miracle.

So Flynn’s second novel Dark Places was in fact quite dark. The protagonist, if we can even call her that, is a bland woman trying to live a bland life after the tragedy that ripped her family apart.

I’ve been on a roll with all these crime dramas and murder mysteries. This novel wasn’t my favorite of Flynn’s but was still a good read.

Every time I thought I knew who the killer was or came up with some explanation etc I was wrong. And I am never wrong. (Ha).



Anyway the main character was kind of annoying. To put it simply she was depressed. This character was unhappy and not in the same way Camille from Sharp Objects was. This character did nothing. She didn’t have a job, a hobby, a boyfriend, a love interest in the novel, …. she almost didn’t even have a personality.

I can’t decide if liked this character or not. In some ways I liked that she wasn’t likable. I guess I found that relate-able, she is one character that I am in no way jealous of. She lives a mundane life. The only action she sees is brought on by tragedy and I would much rather watch paint dry than go through what that character went through.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Flynn’s other works and likes mysteries. If you don’t normally read that type of novel give it a try, this  dark and curious story is a great anecdote to any book-rut you may be in.  Image source


Sharp Objects, and Sharp Words

Gillian Flynn’s first novel, Sharp Objects, is lesser known than her other work Gone Girl recently turned blockbuster film by the faces of Rosumund Pike and Ben Affleck.

While Gone Girl was gripping I found Sharp Objects to be off to a slower start. To be honest I have a bad habit of buying a book and being super excited about it. Then I go home and set myself up to devour it. Sometimes if happens, other times it doesn’t.

In this case I wasn’t immediately sucked in. So I put the book down and went about my life reading other short stories or re-reading. Then the itch for something new to read began.

And so I gave it another shot. I’m sure glad I did.

Flynn is extremely good at writing about people with issues. While we all have our issues she manages to make the characters in this novel seem more relate-able than maybe I hoped they would be.

The main character Camille returns home to write a story about a murder investigation for her Chicago paper. She has a rocky relationship with her parents and her sister(s) – one alive the other deceased.

Camille has her own issues, aside from those with her family, an obsession with using sharp objects on her body being one of them. As a journalist she is obsessed with words but doesn’t always use a type writer …….


This sort of generic idea of “girl leaves small town to escape family” turned into a dirty and itchy tale that gave me shivers.

I found out recently that this book is also going to be made into a movie as is her other novel, Dark Places, which I have yet to read. It’s on my list though, I can assure you.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes murder-mysteries and who liked Gone Girl. It’s a pretty quick read in my opinion, the plot moves fast and there are only about 250 pages.

This was sort of different from my past reading habits, spoiler alert, there is no happy ending. Which makes this story all the more intriguing – I guess being used to happy endings left room for shock in me.

Maybe I am a little to into these crime mystery novels lately but I’m gonna ride this wave till the next one comes.

I May Not Be Blonde But I Sure Am Clueless

I spent the little time I had free today to squeeze in a 90’s favorite. Clueless , pays homage to over the knee socks and paid skirts. It is also simply a good movie.

Memorable performances include the dapper and oh so young Paul Rudd and of course the gorgeous and clueless Alicia Silverstone.


After watching the film I wanted to write a post on some of the tips Cher gives throughout the film and lessons she learns.

-Always have something baking

What this really means: Atmosphere is key. Setting the mood for any occasion can definitely make or break it. Also be sure to break up the cookie dough before baking it.

– You divorce wives not children

What this really means: There are people who stay and people who go. People get divorced all the time – but blood is blood. While Cher and Josh aren’t blood related – which is good for obvious reasons – I still appreciate the fact that Cher’s dad still cared for Josh as his own.

-High school boys are like dogs


What this really means: Not much more to say on this one. Actually most guys are dogs in general, high school boys are more like puppies. Potentially cute from a distance but when you get the slobbering and shedding everywhere you get to see their lack in house training.

-Being picky about sex

What this really means: I am referring to the scene where Di, Tye, and Cher are at the diner and Tye learns of Cher’s virginity. Cher mentions that she is extremely picky about her shoes, why would this be any different? And good for her. Be picky. You wait for those Louibitons if you want girl, yo go glenn coco.

-Exercise every day, not just sporadically


What this really means: Health is important, we have moved on from buns of steel but there are plenty of ways to keep active and healthy.

-Send yourself gifts to make yourself look desired

What this really means: People want what other people want. While the dramatics in this movie are comical – sending yourself flowers and chocolates this tip didn’t really work out for Cher. She did land a super cute shopping buddy though. More importantly and indirectly this tip speaks to me as more of a love yourself. Buy yourself flowers or chocolates – don’t pretend they were from some guy, they are for you for being awesome.

Continue being clueless y’all!

(As if!)

Why “The Process” Sucks, Trains and Other Nonsense

Enjoy the process they said. It will be fun they said. Live for the moment, not for the potential rewards or aftermath they said.

This is, for some psychological reason, difficult for me to follow. When I first was told this, by a source who wishes to remain anonymous, I tried to write a list of things that I enjoy simply because of the process.

All I could come up with was tea and flirting.

I absolutely love tea. I love picking out what type of tea I will have – if it will be a loose tea or maybe just a classic Lipton. Then there are so many options – what type of mug, am I adding sugar or honey? Milk?!

As I am writing this tea should be crossed off the list as well. I love making tea and all that comes with it but I truly do love DRINKING the tea more than anything. Which is of course an end result of the process of making tea.

I crossed out flirting for numerous reasons.

1) Let me not kid myself – My idea of flirting is obnoxiously staring at someone for an impeccably long time and when natural eye contact is supposed to ensue I cleverly avoid it. This is mainly due to the fact that I like the idea of liking someone so much more than the probability of finding out that he probably sucks.

2) I have high expectations. I have high expectations for myself which drive me insane and if you aren’t doing the same thing to yourself then you are much too zen for me.

3) I don’t actually enjoy flirting. I get nervous, over think and stumble all over my words. Then  I assume that you aren’t interested in me to avoid my own feelings.


This is starting to feel like a personal post which is not where I was going with this but here goes anyway.

I do a lot of over-thinking, probably enough over-thinking for a small army. Doing so has ruined some of the things I once enjoyed – for example acting. I used to be pretty good back in good ole’ middle school. But when SUSAN* got up to act she was magnificent. She really was and I couldn’t help but compare myself to her. If I wasn’t going to be the best then I wasn’t going to be. So I never joined in on the acting fun in high school and other years to come.

Why? Because I had this idea that in order to be happy with myself I had to be the best. The best at something. More than anything I wanted to be the best –  it didn’t matter what it was. I just needed validation. 

When thinking about the process it really got me started on this all or nothing habit that I have developed. This type of thinking usually results in a whole lot of nothing.

These are some thoughts that have passed through my head: why flirt with him if he can’t be my boyfriend? Why try the recipe if I am missing one ingredient? Why workout if I can’t have my ideal body by the party?

All these things have, unfortunately, passed through my mind. On a brighter note I am aware of this fault. I understand that if you don’t go to the train station you can’t catch the train.

As this blog is my witness I am starting to take small steps toward that train station to catch my train. And even if I don’t make it in time I will be sure to enjoy the walk.

(Names changed because I have taste*) Image source here.

Text’s From Jane Eyre

So I was browsing the internet this Sunday evening and came across this interesting web-feature  written by Mallory Ortberg. In the title was Jane Eyre so I being the nerd that I am had to read more.

In the process I also found out that Mallory’s feature is now available as a book! It is basically a highly imaginative compilation of texts of Literary Characters if they had been able to use cell phones.



One of my favorites that are posted on her series feature on is between Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre:

I’m taking a walk
be back for dinner
do you really want me to describe my walk to you
it is fairly cloudy out
looks like rain soon
all right” 

So funny – and accurate! So witty and perfect for all literary geeks. Christmas is coming up soon ……  😉 You can buy her book here.

Mallory is also the co-creator of The Toast which produces great original content! I mean who wouldn’t want to know how to bake a cake in an orange? Maybe that’ll be my next recipe review?


Night lovies.


Never Have I Ever Loved Someone So Much

I hope you appreciate my play on words with the title of this post. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned her before – Katie Heaney. She wrote the book Never Have I Ever which is one of my favorite non-fiction pieces of all time. Katie recently announced that a new book about girls in college will be coming out in 2016!


I read that exciting news on her blog Shut Up. Tell Me. This is a girl after my own heart. I particularly loved her response to a recent question that an anon left for her to answer: “Anonymous said: I like a boy in my lecture, we’ve made eye-contact several times & spoke once about food briefly, but I don’t know how to approach him. If I even *want* to do anything about it. I think he’s cute and I like having a crush yet I’m not sure if I want anything more than that. This is very random, but I’d appreciate any advice. I’m 20 and have never even kissed a boy so I feel pressure at times to pursue *something*” 

Katie’s response included tales of her unfortunate smooching experiences. The best advice Katie gave was, “There is one good reason to kiss a boy, and that is wanting to.”

She also acknowledges that it is ok to have a totally illegitimate crush on someone. It’s ok to like someone without having expectations. Its ok to not have plans and to do what makes you happiest. Even if that is having a silly 8th grade crush on a cutie in your stats class.

Rant and Rave: Reign

So I recently finished the CW 11 show Reign.

Check one – periodical.

I have a soft spot for period pieces. I absolutely love the attire! Ball gowns and tiaras. Ladies, You can’t tell me you aren’t DYING to wear an outfit like this one? Actually here are some of my favorites. I have to try and control myself. Also, knowing the real story about Mary Queen of Scots makes for the historical plot line to be somewhat comical – inaccurate- but comical no less.


Check two- love triangle.

While this is a somewhat overplayed story line I do love a good intrigue. Two brothers? Overplayed. Two brothers – one is a bastard the other prince of France? Tempting. Two brothers – one is a bastard the other prince of France and both love the same woman who loves them both equally? Sounds like a lie … tune in to find out.


Check three – scandal.

Its French Court for the lords sake! The treachery, lying backstabbing, drama, and murder. Just like any good high school movie. (*note not all hs movies include murder*)


This show is not one for the record books. It doesn’t deserve some special award. It is simply good old fashioned fan-girl-worthy entertainment.

Stupid Sh*t People Believe About Millennials

Depending on who you talk to I am considered a “Millennial”. This loosely defined term is used to categorize people born between 1985 and 1995.

One thing I continuously hear is that we were raised by parents that doted on us. Parents that made us all feel special and, in some peoples opinions, superior. This concept that we are all winners is something many people believe about millennials. This is of course viewed as negative in our society.

So what if my mom taught me that I’m hot shit and rewarded me even when I only participated?  I remember my mom had a “smiley system”. If I did my chores, helped my sister or did something nice I would get a “smiley” sticker on a board. When enough smileys added up I would be treated to ice cream or my choice of new releases (cough. Disney. cough).

Whys is this viewed as a bad thing? I can assure you that not everyone who received “smileys” has a big head.

Yes we are different – maybe the generation y is just intimidated by us. We are pushing out the baby boomers and starting to take the world by storm with equal parts fear and excitement. Our tech savy and multitasking skills give us the upper hand.

Its silly to assume that all millennials are the same. We don’t all need help with our “smartphone addictions” or “sexting problems”. While some people do need help it is so belittling to be typecast.

My generation has a lot of challenges ahead. Instead of cracking jokes about our naivete habits be helpful and give us the one thing age has given some of you  besides wrinkles- wisdom.  Like the quote below: buzzfeedImage source 




I Finished Breaking Bad

It happened. Late last week on Friday night (cough* looser cough*).

I know everyone has already heard how great this show is. Which is why I won’t bore you with it’s awesomeness, but rather, the crappy points of the show. (Hate mail ensues).

Spoilers – Spoilers – Spoilers – Spoilers


1. The Ending of Hank and Jesse:

WHAT WAS THAT? Obviously Walt was gonna die, but how could the writers just leave it like that between Jesse and Walt? There was nothing said nothing to ease my wounded soul or their relationship.

2. The death of Andrea:

This was so uncalled for. I was so upset. I just wanted someone to stay alive for Jesse. (Brock dosen’t count btw)

3. The death of Hank:

WHY. JUST. WHY. It’s like all of a sudden in the last season the show turned into House of Cards ie. don’t get too attached.

Things I Loved About the Show:

1. How Lydia died:

So freaking smart. I just loved it. Kudos to the writers because that was my favorite part of ending.

2. Skylar’s attitude:

All the applause. I just love what Anna Gunn done with her character. I went from not caring about her, to thinking she was an nagging bitch, to thinking she was your typical house wife, to thinking she was an awesome bonnie to “clyde”, to thinking that she was an over reacting mother, to thinking that she is simply a bad ass bitch. And that she is.

3. The Love Triangle:

Seeing those snobs faces when Walt forces them to give money to his kids. So smart, so clever, so perfect.

What’s next on my Netflix list? I have no idea what to do with myself after watching this show so I might need some time to digest.

Feature image can be found here!